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Friends Quiz

Watch each of the following clips from the popular sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S and answer the respective question. The questions are based on the particular scenario shown and answers should be relate with how you would react if faced with the same situation or what you think is the right thing to do.

1. Chandler and Monica are in love with each other and are recently married. Monica is dominating and wants to have her away and Chandler would rather give in to her wishes than have an argument with her. Chandler has to go to Tulsa in Oklahoma on work for a year and Monica doesn't want to shift as she has landed a great job in NY itself. They have a discussion where she, as always, wants to have her way and Chandler tries to be understanding as to how important it is for her to take the new job. Before Monica says she cannot live without him for 4 days a week, but now the new job offer is tempting.
a. Career and money is also important in life as one should learn to be self independent.Monica should argue with Chandler and take the job as its once in a lifetime opportunity.
b. Monica should convince Chandler and explain how important this job is to her and why she thinks she should take it.
c. Monica should use silent will but let Chandler help take the decision to maintain harmony and show her true love.


2.Monica and Chandler are preparing for their wedding. Monica tries to dominate Chandler when they discuss their wedding plans and always tries to have her way. They have a discussion on the Center peice of the wedding lunch.
a. Monica is right. Marriage is important to a girl and she should have her way.
b. Monica can discuss with Chandler but convince him to agree with her as she has better taste.
c. Monica should sincerely ask Chandler for his opnion and take his views seriously as its his important day too.


3. When Monica and Chandler discuss very important crucial issues, Chandler is very distracted and does not listen. Small issues like these can either be ignored as a minor fault or can be blown up as a big issue.
a. Monica has every right to lose her temper in this situation when he is not seriously listening during such an important discussion.
b. MOnica should show her displeasure and make Chandler realise his mistake in not listening.
c. Monica should not take it seriously as he is just distracted and explain to him patiently how important this discussion is to their lives.


4.Joey is an actor with a low IQ and Charlie is an intellectual, a Palaeontologist and a scientist. Shows how different and opposite they are to each other. She wants a tour of NY and their interests are totally different. They are so opposite in nature and are attracted merely on physical appearances.
a. Intellectual and social compatabilty does not matter as long as they love each other.
b. Compatability is important, Only if people have similar tastes, harmony will prevail.
c. A couple need not be similar but at the same time, complementarity will increase the harmony and romance in the relationship.


5.Monica explains how they celebrated their first anniversary and it shows how totally different they are as people and tastes, but still have a great relationship and complement each other.
a.Men are from mars, women are from venus. Just accept that and get along, no point in setting expectations and getting disappointed.
b. Men should try and take an effort to show their love and romance with gestures.
c. Men show their romance in different ways- it neednt be a romantic gesture, being understanding and supportive by itself is a huge gesture.


6.Discussing about the father of the kid they are going to adopt, Monica and Chandler are not sure if it's a great football player or a convict who was imprisoned for murdering his father. They look at it in 2 different ways, Monica being positive and Chandler being totally negative about it.
a. Monica should get annoyed at his pessimism and should argue that he ought to change his attitude.
b. She should talk to him convonce him by explaining the need for positive feelings and vibes.
c. She should silently send positive energy to him, so that his thoughts and actions reflect an optimism.


7.During the wedding Monica wants to dance with Chandler who actually has 2 left feet. But he really wants to try to make her happy and she in turn wants to dance with him no matter how bad he is. They show their love for each other without being bothered about what people think.
a.Monica gets irritated for embarassing her and rather not dance than make a fool of herself at the wedding
b.She is embarrased, but not to appear to have a disagreement with her husband on her wedding day, she dances for sometime and then stops further embarrasement.
c. It does not matter what anyone think- what is important is Chandler is the man she loves, So dances with him however bad he is.


8.On their honeymoon, Monica and Chandler forget that they are on a romantic trip and being with each other is all that matters. Instead they try to get freebies and pick fights with the other couple who are on their HM and are so involved with each other that they are hardly aware of other stuff. 2 couples in a similar romantic situation behave so differently.
a. One should be practical and free stuff is always good! So romance can wait!
b. Romance is important, but given a chance to save money and get goodies, why not take it up.
c. Free stuff is materialistic. Honeymoon is once in a lifetime. So romantic vacation is what is important.


9.Rachel tells Ross that she is pregnant and wants to give him the choice of being involved or not. Ross is in such a shock that he acts crazy and is more worried about how she got pregnant than actually thinking of the serious issue of taking responsibility of the baby.
a. Rachel should give a him a piece of her mind- One should not tolerate men who cannot take responsibility.
b. Rachel has every right to be sad and upset to see the father of her child fearing responsibility
c. Responsibility is a big deal for men. So we should give them time to accept and be ready for it. Till then patience is essential.


10.Phoebe tries to and wants to badly impress Mike's parents the 1st time they meet even though they are poles apart. Mike's parents being the uptight elite society of NY and Phoebe being the girl brought up on the streets.
a. Keeping to our own class and status is important for any relationship.
b. Social differences dont matter, love is what is important and will cross over any barrier.
c. One should be judicious in choosing our life partner and accept the fact that there will be practical and psychological difficulties in maintaining a relationship when the background and upbringing is poles apart.

If your answer is 'a' for any of the questions, 1 point for each
If your answer is 'b' for any of the questions, 2 points for each
If your answer is 'c' for any of the questionsm 3 points for each.

10-16 Relationship is at a low level. Needs improvement
17-24 Relationship is improving, easier to reach higher levels
25-30 Very good relationship, Use strategies to raise it to the higher levels.


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