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This 2007 movie starring Keri Russell as Jenna, a young woman married to a dominant, abusive husband, played by Nathan Fillion, is a charming story that brings out many real life issues of freedom, equality, self-respect and love in marriage. A brief love affair with her physician awakens Jenna to the real meaning of intimacy and helps her make the personal growth needed to assert her rights and discover her own individuality.


Articles on Waitress
Jenna and Earl are an example of a relationship based on domination, which is Level 3 on the Scale of Harmony. Read more and watch video.
Find out how Jim wins Jenna’s friendship and affection by applying Unfailing Strategies for Love and Romance (with video)
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Plot Summary
Waitress is a 2007 film, an American comedy drama about a lovely, affectionate, good-hearted young woman named Jenna (Keri Russell) who is trapped in an unhappy marriage with her overbearing husband Earl (Jeremy Sisto). Jenna, who works as a waitress, has an extraordinary talent for making tasty pies. Her only friends are her fellow waitresses and the bad-tempered, difficult diner owner Joe. She longs to leave Earl but fears his mean temper. He is jealous, controlling, dominating, possessive, suspicious, abusive and capable of violence. He takes all the money she earns, demands that she agree with his every thought and sentiment, and forces her into a self-defensive shell of passive conciliation and submission. When Jenna accidentally becomes pregnant, she meets and is attracted a young married physician Jim (Nathan Fillion) who is gentle, kind, respectful and accepting. They embark on a passionate affair and close friendship which gives her the confidence and strength to finally break out of Earl’s tyranny and stand on her own. After giving birth to a baby, she finally decides to assert herself. With strength Earl never imagined she possesses, Jenna finally banishes him from her life with a power and decisiveness he is unable to oppose. When her externally rough and ornery former employer Joe passed away, he leaves her a large inheritance and ownership of the restaurant where she worked.


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Directed by Adrienne Shelly
Written by Adrienne Shelly
Starring Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion & Jeremy Sisto                                      
Copyright belongs to Fox Searchlight Pictures



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