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The immortality of Love is eternal Romance.

— Karmayogi

Attracting the right partner

I want to attract my soul-mate and have tried various methods over the last few years. There was a pattern within me that the person would get attracted but slowly move away from me. I realized desperation and obsession as the root of this problem. I have been working on my inner-self and with each passing day it is my endeavor to love myself and accept the whole of me, the good and bad completely and live in the moment. But there is this tremendous need in me to get settled in marriage and ofcourse attract the right mate. I had been attracted to one man for the past several months but he did not accept my proposal to take the relationship forward. I was heartbroken but came to terms with the situation really fast. I find the online search too confusing. The volume of the people makes me wonder whom to contact or whom to reject. There is a constant fear if I have rejected the right person. Ideally I would like to meet the person in a social-setting, through family contacts, friends. I would even want the guy who rejected my proposal to change his mind. Ofcourse, I cannot get attached to the outcome I intend. I came to your site in the hope my problem would get resolved. Can you tell me what do I do to attract the right person and marriage in my life ASAP. Currently, I am out of work and am looking out for a suitable job besides looking at some business opportunities. I appreciate for your help.