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Romance is a reckless adventure of emotion that flies in the face of practical reality and sound rationality.

— Karmayogi

Freshness, joy and intimacy restored

My partner and I suddenly became distant emotionally from one another. I got irritated at every turn. We used to feel empty and disconnected. When my partner and I were separated, he in Europe, I in the U.S, we seemed to be closer even though we were thousands of miles away. With the physical distance between us, we communicated a lot, we made sure to open our feelings up and we were genuinely happy. After we got together I rarely felt that "flow" between us. I felt as if I had shut down, perhaps he as well and we've shut the flow somehow and something was missing. I approached IRES and submitted my situation as I couldn’t let this continue any longer. IRES replied that the sense of distance and estrangement would vanish if I could offer unilateral goodwill to my partner without any expectation of receiving something in return. I applied this advice sincerely. In the following three weeks I found that as I became more loving towards him, I was also becoming more accepting of others in my life as well. Now, I find that we do have more of an open communication and emotional connection. The perception of the relationship with my partner is the biggest reflection of myself. IRES’ suggestion has also opened up my eyes towards how I treat myself. I do believe as I show more goodwill, it flows into every part of my life. I have had a small glimpse of all the changes that happen when one is more loving. I also find that my environment, wherever I may be is more supportive of me. It does not matter if I am in a store, home or shopping, there is always a feeling of support and reminders from life that all is really great.