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The immortality of Love is eternal Romance.

— Karmayogi

How do you distinguish between infatuation and love

I have been in situations, where i am attracted to a person - strong emotional attraction, or an interest in them, or a desire to talk to them and spend time with them or have some feelings for them.  But is it love because I have not seen a recprocation of my feelings/interest/attraction from the other person to the same degree?  How does one distinguish for oneself that what one feels is love or is it infatuation?  I had two instances in my life where I felt something strong for someone- something momentary and inexplicable feelings and attraction - but these feelings were not reciprocated, infact rejected, were my feelings love or infatuation.  But as I realize reading your posts the reasons could be expectations on my part (therefore I can term my feelings as not real love) and lack of self-givingness and ofcourse I needed to grow-up as these people came in as mirrors in my life showing 'Me' to myself?  Can infatutation be converted into love and then be reciprocated from the other party?