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Those who seek the security of marriage do not find romance.

— Karmayogi

Romance and Life Response

It is an age-old knowledge that life responds to changes in our attitudes and feelings. When we become more positive in our inner consciousness, external circumstances and events become more positive as well. This holds true for romantic love as well. If we take efforts to make our attitudes more positive and express higher qualities in our relationship, we attract more positive responses from our partner. One man stopped badgering his partner about her lack of organization in financial matters. Suddenly his partner changed her behavior unasked and received a huge and unexpected assistance from a bank to help her clear up her finances.

Similarly, many instances can be cited to show that if we take the high road in our worldly activities, we can attract the partner of our dreams. In each of the cases posted below this message in the forum, the individual aspired for a deep, meaningful relationship with someone and achieved the goal by taking a higher, more positive attitude in a different area of his life. One man did so by developing greater psychological strength to resist the unreasonable demands of his boss. Another offered his services to help a young man out of difficulty, and that act of goodwill attracted an ideal woman he had just begun to dream about. A third decided to change his nature from pride selfishness to humility self-givingness, and attracted a woman to marriage he so dearly loved. Whether we take to higher levels of harmony in our relationship or to higher levels of consciousness in our outside life, we can attract greater romance in our lives in the shape through a new relationship or by enhancing an existing one.