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Romance is the urge to live and the willingness to die for another. Marriage is the urge to possess another.

— Karmayogi

Veer Zaara

Veer Zaara Love knows no barriers or boundaries is an oft repeated theory, but are they really applicable in practical real life? It is definitely true and when one overcomes the mental barriers of religion and background, they see only the real person inside without any social appearances or superficial differences. The heart does not know such man-made differences and when two such people who come together, they feel true and deep love uninfluenced by prejudices. In some cases, the love is so deep and pure that they are ready to make sacrifices and compromises for the sheer well being and happiness of the person they love. Such selfless giving and placing the other before self always succeeds in the end though society may pose obstacles and circumstances may seem difficult.


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Plot Summary

Zaara is a carefree, sprightly girl from Pakistan who has come to India to fulfil her surrogate grandmother, Bebe's dying wish, to immerse her ashes in a river in India. Upon reaching India, Zaara's bus meets with an accident causing it to overturn and is rescues by Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh, a rescue pilot with the Indian Air Force, who risks his own life to save the lives of others.

With his help, Zaara completes Bebe's final rites. Veer convinces Zaara to return with him to his village to spend one day together. Veer and Zaara are immensely attracted towards each other. He likes her vivacious nature and zest for life. And she in turn likes him for his chivalry, love and respect for his family and his good nature. Veer is just waiting for the right time to tell Zaara about his true feelings and when he does so in the Railway station when she is about to leave, she reveals that she is engaged to another man, Raaza. Now with nothing to lose, Veer sadly confesses to Zaara that he has fallen in love with her, leaving her speechless. Veer then watches sadly as Raaza and Zaara board the train going back to Pakistan. Both believe that this is the end of their story, and the last time they will ever see each other.

Zaaras marriage to Raaza is only a political affair, orchestrated by Zaara’s father Jahangir Hayaat Khan, also a politician. Sometime after her arrival home, Zaara confides in her mother, Mariam, and her best friend, the household maid Shabbo, that she has fallen in love with Veer and cannot go through with this marriage. Veer learns of Zaara’s misery, quits his job and goes to Pakistan to bring her back with him to India. Zaara's mother, however, begs him to leave Zaara alone as her father is a high-profile politician whose reputation will be ruined if news got out that his daughter is in love with a Hindu. Veer respects this request and decides to leave for India but Raaza, who is outraged by the shame Zaara has brought upon him, frames Veer and has him wrongly imprisoned on charges of being an Indian spy Rajesh Rathore. Twenty-two years later, Saamiya Siddiqui, a Pakistani lawyer on her first case, finds herself face-to-face with an aging Veer Pratap Singh who has been languishing in a Pakistan jail cell for 22 years and has not spoken to anyone all these years - and no one knows why. Slowly he confides in her. Touched by this tale, Saamiya promises to Veer that she will do all she can in court to see that he goes free. Before the trial begins, Veer secures a promise from Saamiya that she can do anything for the case except mention Zaara's family as he assumes she will married and settled in life and did not want to tarnish her image. After a number of attempts which fail to prove Veer's innocence, Saamiya goes to Veer's village in India to gather evidence proving Veer's true identity. There, to her amazement, Saamiya meets Zaara- who had fled to India without marrying Raaza. But when she came to India with Shabbo she is told that Veer had died in an accident. Heartbroken, she had remained in India to run the school in memory of Veer. Saamiya quickly takes Zaara back to Pakistan and with her testimony, Veer is acquitted and Saamiya wins her first case. At the Indo-Pakistan border, Veer marries Zaara and, bidding Saamiya farewell, the two of them return to India. Romantic love and sacrifice wins over religious and national military differences.

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Directed by Yash Chopra
Written by Aditya Chopra                                                                           
Starring Preity Zinta, Shah Rukh Khan
Copyright belongs to Yash Raj Films

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