Selecting the right partner and living together peacefully in a lasting relationship are not easy. Is there a way to select rightly? Is there a way to ensure that a peaceful relationship lasts? The answer to both questions is ‘Yes’. The short answer is patience and good manners.
Eagerness for relationship and intensity of emotions often make us rush into relationships that later disappoint or end painfully. Patience in selecting a partner works far better. Better still, refrain from taking initiative and wait for life circumstances to indicate whether the relationship is really meant to be. Unhurried non-initiative is the secret of making the right choice.
Once you have chosen, maintaining harmony depends entirely on how you behave. In the beginning both partners usually bend over backwards to be at their best. Later they often drop even the effort to maintain good manners. Good manners that always aim to please unconditionally is the basis for lasting harmony and fulfilment.

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