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Romance can survive for a lifetime if the lovers are both good, emotional personalities who continue to grow in their emotional sensibilities after marriage .

— Karmayogi

Difference of Intensity Between Two Partners

Happy Relationships with Different Intensities
In the popular imagination it is assumed that the best relationships are those that are of equal intensity, but experience proves otherwise. We see many if not most relationships consisting of very different intensities between partners. For example, one partner is fulfilled by giving all his love to his mate; the other is fulfilled by receiving it. They are both fulfilled, one by giving, the other by receiving. Of course, there are shading in between. Yet, rarely are the balances of energies the same or equal, despite what Hollywood and the popular imagination considers the romantic norm.

Unhappy Relationship with Different Intensities
Then there are cases where the differences in feeling begin to tip to the negative side -- i.e. where one party loves and the other does not, or does less so. This occurs for many reasons. From the perspective of the unhappy partner one must look at that person's aspirations and intentions in their romantic relationships; the character and nature of that individual (e.g. is it mature or not); that person's decision making capacity; that person's awareness of the truth of the situation; if there is infatuation, as opposed to real love; and so forth.


A Discussion
Why don't we begin a discussion here about the nature of relationship with different levels of intensity between the two parties. I.e.-

-whether it is a happy relationship with different intensities between the two of you, and why; i.e. how do the energies express and why does that bring contentment, or-

-whether it is a less than happy or unhappy relationship (which normally suggests different intensities), and what might be the cause of this unhappiness. I.e. the cause in yourself (see above possibilities) or in the other person.

As we become aware of the nature of our relationship in this way, it will be that much easier to identify and apply approproate Romance and Harmony principles that would help us build Truer Love with our partner, (through such methods as being more self-giving, admiring our opposite traits, and others).