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Romance is the urge to live and the willingness to die for another. Marriage is the urge to possess another.

— Karmayogi

Myths & Truths about Romance & Marriage

Myths about Romance & Marriage

  • Marriage makes romance permanent.
  • The intense longing I feel for my partner will become permanent sweet intensity if only we can always be together.
  • Romantic fulfillment is achieved by finding my perfect partner or soul mate.
  • Our relationship will be happy and harmonious if only my partner agrees to follow my advice.
  • Most of our problems arise because I and my partner are so different from one another.
  • Our relationship will become harmonious if only my partner agrees to change.
  • Problems in our relationship prove that I have chosen the wrong partner.
  • My partner's attraction to others of the opposite sex proves he/she does not really love me.
  • Unless I react and protest what I find unacceptable, my partner will never change for the better.
  • I have lost the feeling of romance because my partner doesn't keep me happy.

Truths about Romance & Marriage

  • My partner's attention and affection towards me is the measure of my attention and affection towards my partner.
  • Relationships are spoiled when the partners compete and try to dominate one another.
  • A partner's love and goodwill is a most powerful source of protection.
  • Romance doesn't last because partners stop trying to please one another and instead demand to be pleased.
  • Physical, sexual attraction to another is a misleading and unreliable index of love, romance or marital compatibility.
  • The qualities we dislike in our partner always represent corresponding qualities in ourself.
  • The best strategy for successful relationship is to always be positive, never react negatively to your partner.
  • Cheerfulness is the surest and strongest foundation for lasting love and romance.
  • Romance depends on your attitude toward your partner, not on you partner's attributes.
  • The formula for romantic compatibility is complementarity on a bedrock of similarity. Contrast generates the intensity, sameness generates the harmony.

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